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Infusionsoft Tags & Categories

How to Set Up Categories and Tags in Infusionsoft (video 1)

Infusionsoft is an amazing marketing/CRM tool, but can take a little time to get set up. If you have jumped into the Infusionsoft pool, but find yourself a little overwhelmed, this How to Get Started with Infusionsoft Video Series is for you. We’ll start with the video below on setting up categories and tags within [...]

Email Marketing

How Do Email Statistics Benefit Your Sales Funnel?

By Sherri Kesinger – As a business, one of the most important assets you can have is your email list. This is your key to marketing¬† “one to many” vs “one to one.” Using Outlook and therefore your own IP address, is not the way to go. Due to possible SPAM complaints, you could get [...]

Marketing Integration Wheel

Develop An Integrated Marketing Strategy

One of the most common challenges clients seem to have is wrapping their head around how to generate leads in the digital arena, delve into social media, and how to integrate their marketing. They want that magic, winning road map that will bring them sales – NOW. Not surprisingly, this is what we all want. [...]

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